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Following terms & conditions are regarding affiliate program
Violation of these may result in termination of your membership as Affiliate Member.
Affiliate Sign-up

You can register for the program by filling up the application form provided. We reserve the right to terminate any membership without any notice. Your membership will be terminated if it:
  • Contains explicit/vulgar/obscene language.
  • Contains any adult content or link to any adult materials.
  • Contains posting or referencing offensive content.
  • Promotes adult services.
  • Promotes racism, violence, illegal activities, and discrimination of any sort.
  • Infringes on any personal, intellectual property, or copyrights.
  • Is Software Pirating site.
  • Is a Hacking site or site involved in causing damages to other computers.

The moment you are approved as our Affiliate Member you will be given access to download the banners and codes to be put on your site. These codes contain links to our site
A special “tagged” link will be provided to you, which you have to put in all the links between your site and ours. This link is used to track and report the referral fee, which you earn.
This shows the performance of the links, on your site to ours, on the bases of which your referral fee will be calculated. Hence it is necessary for you to ensure that you put these “Special Links”. In case there is any fault on your part to put the link and the fees are not calculated then is not liable.

IMPORTANT: A link to our site www. should be established only by the links that we provide you. Please do not link it directly to as we will not be able to track your earnings.

Referral earnings
To pay you the referral earnings the customer coming to our site through your site must become a PAID Premium Member. Only after the customer pays in full and his payment gets cleared, we shall pay you. Please note that we shall not pay you for any customer who has registered to use our FREE services only.
You have no right whatsoever to offer any kind of concession or incentive to anyone in terms of payment nor can you provide any benefits from your side. If you are found to induce your site visitors into clicking on the links by offering such incentives your membership may immediately be terminated.

Referral Payment
Referral earnings will be paid at the end of every quarter. The payment will be made only for those sign ups which have turned into PAID Premium Members. For paying the Referral earnings, the accumulated commission should not be less than $25.00. If the commission is less than the said amount the same shall be carried forward for the next quarter.

If any referred member signs up as paid premium member and then later cancels the same, then that appropriate amount will be deducted from your earnings.

Conditions Applicable
The customers who come to our site through your site and register with us become members. Hence all the terms & conditions, rules, policies, pricing, etc. of will be applicable to them. The charges for paid services are decided by us and could be revised at any time. The charges applicable will be the charges that are valid at that point of time.

Agreement Period
The agreement is binding on you from the time we accept your application for being an Affiliate Member. Both the parties involved (you or us) have the right to terminate this agreement at any point of time, with or without specifying the reason.

We do not furnish any warranties with respect to Affiliate Program and membership. We also do not assure that our site will function without any interruptions or errors. There can be instances of temporary break down or errors for which we will not be responsible.

Responsibility towards your site
We will not be responsible for any operations being conducted or any content that is shown on your site. Any violation upon the rights of third party, general privacy policy, copyrights, trademarks, etc. will be solely your responsibility. We will not be liable for any illegal matter shown on your site.

Upon Termination of Agreement
Once the agreement is terminated by either of the parties, it’s your responsibility to remove all the relevant links & material supplied by us for the Affiliate Program. In no way should your site indicate that it is associated with Your account with us will stop accumulating your Referral earnings the moment the agreement is terminated. You will only be eligible for the payment if the same stands valid and due to you. The validity of the payment will also depend on the authenticity of the order. If your affiliate membership is terminated due to any reason then your balance for the current quarter will not paid.

Change in the Agreement
We may change some or all the terms and conditions of the agreement at any time without any prior notice. You can be informed about the same through the posting of the revised terms & conditions on our web site. Your continuation in the Affiliate Program after the posting of the revised terms of agreement on our site will mean that you have accepted the new terms and the same will be applicable to you.

Association of Parties
Both the parties are different entities, getting into this agreement does not announce us as partners, associates, representatives, or anything likewise. You will not do anything on your site or otherwise that goes against the terms of this agreement.

You Agree
You agree that we may issue customer referrals, at any time, on terms that may be different from those mentioned in this agreement. Also that we may handle sites that are similar to or that can compete with your web site. You also agree that you express desire to be our Affiliate Member based on this agreement.