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Deaf and Mute Male Matches

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  Rajinder is deaf and hearing impaired man looking for an educated and loving life partner. He can do....
Name : Rajinder
Age : 48  Height : 5 Ft. 9 In.
Updated Date : 6/5/2017   More

My younger brother Syed Sarosh Ali belongs to a respected and educated family. He is deaf and dumb s....
Name : s.s.ali
Age : 48  Height : 5 Ft. 6 In.
City : Nagpur
Updated Date : 1/13/2016   More

  i'm cool headed guy, sense of humor, caring, loving, trust, hard working, romantic and believes i Go....
Name : harrisonlevy12
Age : 51  Height : 6 Ft. 0 In.
City : odessa
Updated Date : 10/25/2014   More

I am from UNITED STATE........I am working as a marine engineer and travel allot due to the nature o....
Name : peterspencer12
Age : 48  Height : 5 Ft. 11 In.
Updated Date : 2/15/2014   More

I live in my parents basement with my children, but its nice. I workin the local black market. I hav....
Name : Laabh
Age : 49  Height : 4 Ft. 4 In.
Updated Date : 1/27/2013   More